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AFBF has safety resources and learning materials available for purchase that can help farms and ranches be as safe as possible. Click here for more info


Safety education and training is critical to the profitability of farms and ranches. This education goes beyond on-farm safety practices. AFBF also has health and safety training materials and resources for loan to county and state Farm Bureaus.

  • 911 Simulator – Teaching children to make 911 calls may mean the difference between life and death for a family member. The 911 Simulator includes a telephone with recorded questions similar to those asked by a 911 operator. There is also an option for recording new questions. Instructions are included.
  • Skin Analyzer – Skin cancer is very prevalent among farmers and ranchers due to their extended exposure to sun. The skin analyzer is not a skin cancer detector, however, it allows your members to see the damage to their skin with the use of a black light. Charts and instructions are included.
  • Fatal Vision – This kit provides several goggles simulating a person’s vision at various blood alcohol levels. While wearing the goggles, members are asked to perform certain agility tests to demonstrate the impacts of alcohol on reactions and control. Handouts, instructions, goggles and other equipment are included.
  • Fatal Reaction – This kit simulates a moderate to high level of impairment using lines for sobriety tests and equipment for activities to stress how distractions can impact reaction time. Materials, instructions and posters are included.
  • Concussion Goggles – This kit includes goggles, other supplies and materials to help youth (elementary through college age) identify the signs of a concussion and learn how to prevent head injuries.

If you are interested in requesting one of these training materials, please complete the request form: Safety Training Materials Request Form


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